A true Running Gag

Showtime – the red carpet is ready and polished cars with Germanys most popular comedians arrive. Host Steven Gätjen greets the guests, confidently holding the award-trophy in his hands. Suddenly, a stranger appears from nowhere, rushes through the scenery and snatches the precious trophy out of his hands.

That is the start of a wild chase at primetime, staged by the Flyguys-crew in cooperation with Brainpool as opening of the most important german comedy award 2021. In a 3 minute live onetake camera-chase the trophy makes its way through the hands of 20 different persons, including many of the famous comedians and VIP guests. In the end, I savely lands back in the hands of the host and the show is ready to roll!

Client: SAT.1
Partner: Brainpool
Task: Live-TV Opening
Concept, Choreography, Performance