A surprising champions-moment

Unsuspectingly, the guests take their seats. The lights go out and suddenly parkour-runners rush from everywhere through the alleys, so close that the audience can almost feel them. White monoliths framing the stage become a playground for spectacular skills and tricks. But they contain another important secret: Shortly before the final applause the five artists take a big leap from the cubes – and reveal the logos of the award-winners, hidden under the coating of the obstacles.

Each year the german “Bundesvereinigung Logistik” awards the best companies in the logistics business. To create a truly unique moment for the champions, they requested the Flyguys to create a show-concept with a special reveal-moment of the winner-logos. The result: A vibrant choreography that fuels the energy until the winners are revealed in the very last moment.

Client: Bundesvereinigung Logistik
Partner: Fogelkaiser
Task: Award-Reveal
Branding, Choreography, Performance