A movie premiere escalates!

Unsuspectingly the influencers invited by TAG Heuer take their seats at the long table inside the E-Werk in Berlin. They are invited to celebrate the pre-premiere of the Netflix blockbuster “The Gray Man” with TAG Heuer testimonial Ryan Gosling playing the lead role. Suddenly two strangers appear on the balcony above the guests and slowly descend along the steel beams down into the hall. One of the guests stands up, throws back his chair, screams at the strangers and an adrenaline-pumped fight unfolds. With a fusion of parkour-chases, stunts and martial arts the guests find themselves right in the middle of the action! Soon everyone gets out their smartphones to record epic footage for the social channels.

Client: TAG Heuer
Partner: YourShowact
Task: Stunt-Show
Storytelling, Choreography, Performance