Horse jumping - without horses!

Performing on moving horse-carriages, jumping over equestrian obstacles – without horses – and challenging two olympic gold-medalists going horse vs. human: That is what happens when you invite the Flyguys to the most-renowned horseriding tournament in the world. In 2022 we participated in the opening ceremony of CHIO Aachen and jumped into the arena in front of over 37.000 spectators. After the choreographed opening using equestrian obstacles, the main stage and 50 show jumping poles, two Flyguys took on a special challenge: A direct race horse vs. human on the obstacle-course against the two olympic gold-medalists Julia Krajewski and Ingrid Klimke. The surprising winners: Flyguys!

Client: CHIO Aachen
Partner: Freestyle Artists
Task: Parkour-Show + Parkour-Duel
Concept, Choreography, Performance