Viva la Revolucion!

David Hasselhoff was about to take his seat, when five masked strangers appear next to him on the grandstand. With a quick frontflip they conquer the stage, starting a revolution that in the end even spreads to the MTV server-rooms forcing a blackout of the MTV livestream sending to 170 countries. That is the story of our performance at the 29th MTV Europe Music Awards in Düsseldorf, where the stars of the global music business met for the big yearly award show. Between all the glam and glitter: Five Flyguys! Our job as as special artistics crew was to start a revolution on stage together with the 20 lead-dancers of the event during the live-performance of MUSE and make the vibe of their music video “Will of the people” come alive. It was a true honor and unforgettable moment to perform with true music legends on stage!

Client: MTV 
Task: Parkour-Performance
Choreography, Performance