Adventurous times ahead!

All around the guests of Fords Future summit the highlight cars oft he Ford product portfolio are parked. Utility vehicles, consumer cars and some new covered cars in between. Our task: Turn the different car areas into an experience and make the new brand positioning „Adventurous Spirit“ come alive. Kicking it off with the utlity vehicles we staged an explosive parkour showact using construction site props that were unloaded out of the trucks as part of the show. After the talks and reveals we were back on stage again. This time it was all about consumer cars and their market positioning, ranging from “wild performance” to “urban escape” and “ultimate outdoor”. To captivate the style of each categorie, we staged a battle between different street-styles, each one representing a specific range of the cars - transporting their unique adventurous spirit!

Client: Ford
Partner: Hagen Invent
Task: Streetart-Show
Concept, Choreography, Performance